Meet The Rare Creature People Are Calling ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’

Just when you thought you saw the best of the glorious works of God, it happens something like this. It’s not a mythical animal that has been undiscovered for decades… it’s a horse race that merits its name as “the most beautiful in the world”

It’s named Akhal Teke, and because they’re extremely rare, the explanation you may not have heard about them. The dogs come from Turkmenistan and it is identifiable by its white, almost celestial fur arising from a genetic mutation. The scientists have found that Akhal Teke coat has such a shiny shine owing to their hair structure that seems to mirror and withdraw heat.

It’s not surprising that the Chinese call them “heavenly horses” with only 1,250 of these creatures in existence.

Meet Akhal Teke, one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world!